What is distilled water?

The word distil simply means pure. So, with distilled water we are talking about pure water. So instead of calling it the Megahome water distiller, we could just as easily call it the Megahome water purifier! (That’s why some people call it a pure water distiller).


Distillation is a scientific process that is used to separate liquids from each other. You can check out my page on fractional distillation, if you’re really interested, I think it’s cool but not everyone will, I’m sure 😉

The separation technique of distilling allows us to collect a pure substance that is made up of only one type of molecule. Think about it this way, many liquids are mixtures of liquids, which means they are a mixture of different types of molecules. Take the example of ink mixed with water. We’ll say the ink is made up of type A molecules, and the water we’ll call type B molecules (which are H20 molecules). The ink and water together is called a mixture. It is a mixture of type A and type B molecules. The word PURE in science means a substance that has only ONE type of molecule. So, when we separate out the water from the ink and make it pure, it means it has ONLY water molecules in it, and nothing else. I like how the Megahome water distiller website simply describe what you’d get from a water distiller machine: “it is what it is: 100% pure H2O”. When we refer to water from a tap or most other sources, we call it “water”, but actually it is not “pure water”, there is a lot more than just water molecules in your water! It is actually a mixture of quite an array of things! So, growing up, when we learn that water is made of H2O molecules, we may wrongly assume that when we drink water we are only drinking H2O molecules. But, then we realise this is far from the truth. Find best Water distiller in UK, or best water distiller distributor in your area, more water distiller reviews to come here, keep an eye out.

Before I finally settled on getting the Megahome water distiller, one objection I heard a lot about pure distilled water is that it is bad for you. Yet, to date, I am yet to hear of one single testimonial that asserts to this assumption. Please let me know if you know of one. In my mind, I just cannot see how plain simple non-contaminated water molecules could cause you damage. And if you think back to your school days of basic science (and perhaps my above explanation jogs your memory a bit), wouldn’t you agree? Water is water. H2O. Why would taking out any additional molecules make water dangerous. I agree that water is an amazing substance, there is so much we still don’t understand about this amazing molecule, but there is a lot we do know about it too. Are people really suggesting that plain H2O molecules are a poison to the body?! Because by saying it’s dangerous to drink, to me that kinda suggests a poison. Why would some big doctors want to say something like that? Well, there’s conspiracy theories out there, which I certainly won’t go into or even comment on, but it just highlights the need to investigate all matters ourselves and also to make a decision of what kind of water we will use, for our own health, because we now have options of what we can drink. What option will you take? What option will I take? “In the multitude of counsellors there is accomplishment”. where to find Water distiller uk, more water distiller reviews, your thoughts best water distiller?

Then there is the objection that distillation is extracting good minerals and so we will become mineral deficient. Please remember, we receive 99% of our minerals from the food we eat, and not the water we drink, so it’s really not going to make a big difference if our water does not have minerals in it. Also, claims that distilled water leach minerals are also baseless and it would not matter anyway since we eat food that contains minerals.

For more information on whether we should actually drink this pure water or not, please see my other page on this site, where you will find a discussion on the objections and alternatives… (page is still to come, bear with me, it’s a brand new site)

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