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I’d like to tell you a bit about my journey with water – it started quite a while ago …
Ever since I was a child I remember being interested in purer drinking water. Why was I thinking about it at a young age. Well, it started on a school trip. I think I was about 10 years old when we went on a school trip to some water works site. We were told that was where we get our drinking water from. I recall a guy showing us some structures and then he showed us a video of what treatment our water goes through to make it clean and drinkable. He showed us the starting material and then he showed us the clear water at the end. Even as a child I remember thinking, “That’s disgusting!” I didn’t understand why we had to clean dirty water; why couldn’t we just start off with clean water. Clean water is a basic human right, I thought – I’m sure I didn’t use those words in my head as a kid, but I know that’s what I was feeling. I remember feeling stunned and not knowing how to verbalise my thoughts. Well, I know how to do that now!
Here’s a video about what treatment our water has to go through before it reaches our taps: click here.
After that school trip, there wasn’t much I could do about it, or so I thought. I carried on life as usual. Some time after I started earning my own money, I started buying bottled water. I thought that anything would be better than tap water.
Some time later, I started buying glass bottled water, every single week. Boy, was that a pian. Then I started getting it delivered. That was better.
Then there were times I was broke, so I didn’t bother with what I was drinking.
When I had the circumstances to, I started religiously boiling my water every night, letting it air overnight, then using that as my daily drinking water. Always in glass bottles of course.
Then I was able to buy the glass bottled water again. But that’s quite expensive, especially when you know that water should be free!
I remember being at university, having to use distilled water every week in our experiments and cleaning and thinking that surely this would be good water to drink, knowing how it was made and knowing that it’s just pure H2O molecules. I asked the lab technician if we could drink it and he emphatically said no! Me and my friends squirted some in our mouths anyway. It tasted horrible and plastic, due to it sitting in plastic bottles for days and weeks.
It’s only in the last couple of years, when I have being having more intrusive health problems as a young woman, that I started to dig deep into several different alternative health lifestyles. What kind of drinking water naturally has come up on occasion, with different people referring to it. And so my next learning curve began.


I’ve summarised some of the things I’ve learned on this blog, especially on the page ‘why distilled water’. To me, it really seems like the most natural option we can find today, though it’s not natural of course. But distilled water is the kind of water that is found in fruit and clean rain water, if we could find any that’s not been contaminated with our polluted air. The other big difference between rain water and machine distilled water is easily understood when you think back to learning about the water cycle at school, and this is something I still teach to my pupils. Nature’s water cycle uses evaporation to separate water and then it is condensed up in the sky. However, a water distiller machine boils the water to separate it. But this really is the best alternative we have today. Now, there are methods to obtain distilled water through evaporation but it’s so long winded and not very practical for our days. Most of us live very full lives and we cannot devote so much time to finding pure drinking water, which is why I recommend the Megahome water distiller, as it’s easy to use and has a good warranty with it, so less time wasted fixing poorly manufactured machines. For your interest and amusement, you can check out how to get evaporated distilled water here.

The reasons why I have chosen to drink distilled water everyday are discussed on my page ‘Why distilled water’, here.
You can check out a really good water distiller machine by clicking here.
If you have any more questions or comments, you can contact me, here.