Distilled Water Maker – Megahome – the company. Who are they?

Here, I tell you a little about about the company that manufactures the Megahome water distiller:


They don’t have any outrageous unbacked claims like ‘best water distiller in the universe’; their site states: “Our goal is to provide our consumers with the most environment friendly and economical way to produce homemade pure distilled water”.

They only specialise in countertop water distillers.

The products are made near Taiwan.

Megahome was established in 1992 (over 20 years) and is a reputable company.

They seem to be transparent, even declaring all their changes of brand logo over the years, although it hasn’t changed much and it’s always been called Megahome. This is in stark contrast to other companies, one of which I investigated had started reselling their dodgy distiller under a new name just to get away from their bad reputation! Perhaps Megahome is trying to show they are far from that.


They advertise their after-sales service, which I think is quite important for a product like this.

They state that all their product materials adhere strictly to the RoHS standard, to protect the user’s safety.

The name Megahome in Chinese means: Wish that all families are well. Irrelevant, but cute.

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The Megahome water distiller models are sold on Amazon, so are widely distributed. Check them all out by clicking here.


Megahome Water Distiller Review


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